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Junior Client Specialist (Remote)

About the role

You would be focused on customers, both acquisition and retention. As we are a small team, it's a role that covers a lot of ground, doing a bit of everything, experimenting, and improving as we move forward. You need to possess the enthusiasm and drive to experiment with all things related to customers, despite not necessarily having experience in all of them.

Job Responsibilities
  • Improve customer acquisition
  • Maintain a permanent connection with current customers via chat and email
  • Create media for our website based on customer interactions
  • Increase our presence in the market via listings, articles, partnerships

  • Perfect English
  • Desire and ability to grow as a professional
  • Plan, measure, adapt, improve, execute
  • Minimal knowledge of Saas
  • Minimal knowledge of E-commerce
  • Minimal knowledge of Sales theory
  • Minimal knowledge of Customer Success theory
  • Analytics mindset
  • Conversationalist
  • Independent

Apply with an email containing your CV at [email protected].

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